Family tree silver charm

€ 35.00
Metalli: Sterlinghopea
The family tree is a symbol of your growing family and the bonds you share, and this timeless charm in sterling silver is a keepsake of family love. The intricately crafted style is made from sterling silver and engraved with the message "Family is where love grows." Add yours to a Pandora Moments bracelet or bangle to keep memories of your family close to you. Or gift it to someone you share a precious bond with.
Valitse pariksi Pandora Moments
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Tuotetyyppi Helat
Tuote 797590
Metalli Sterling silver
Materiaalin nimi No other material
Mitat Syvyys; 9 mm
Korkeus: 11,6 mm
Leveys: 11,6 mm

Tarkista helan, rannekorun, kaulakorun tai muun hela-alustan yhteensopivuus ennen tilauksen tekemistä.