PANDORA Reflexions silver bracelet

€ 79.00
Valitse koko
Reflecting modern feminity, the clean, fluid lines of the new PANDORA Reflexions bracelet let you express how it feels to be you. Crafted in sterling silver, it is perfect for wear alone or with the corresponding clip charms. We recommend half to a whole finger’s space between wrist and bracelet. Measure your wrist, then add 1 cm. In the end it’s a matter of personal taste if one wishes a close or loose fit as well as how many clip charms you style your bracelet with.
Valitse pariksi Pandora Reflexions
Mallisto Pandora Timeless
Väri ei väriä
Teemat Reflexions
Tuotetyyppi Rannekorut
Tuote 597712
Metalli Sterling silver
Materiaalin nimi No other material
Mitat Syvyys; 1,2 mm
Korkeus: 7,8 mm
Leveys: 7 mm

Tarkista helan, rannekorun, kaulakorun tai muun hela-alustan yhteensopivuus ennen tilauksen tekemistä.